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  1. Click the voucher you want
  2. Click the print button on the voucher
  3. Click the print now button (at the bottom of the list)

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What is Vouchermate?

Vouchermate is a website where companies display downloadable vouchers for discounts on their goods and services. You can either print them off for free, or get them sent to your cellphone for 20c per voucher.

Do I have to pay anything?

Vouchers are free to print unless otherwise stated.; TXTVouchers are 20c.

Can I print more than one voucher?

Subject to limitations set by our advertisers, you can print as many vouchers as you want. You can print different vouchers on the same page, or multiple copies of the same voucher.

Do I have to print in colour?

No, black and white vouchers are accepted by all retailers. You can print in colour of course, if you really want to.

What if a store doesn't accept my voucher?

If a business won't accept your voucher, it's most likely because the voucher is being presented outside the expiry date set by the business. If your voucher is declined for any other reason, write an email to and give us the following details: the company name, the voucher that's rejected, the date of use and the location of the store. We'll fix it for you right away, or give you an explanation of why it wasn't accepted.

I saw a voucher on the site, but now the voucher has disappeared!

The voucher was most likely taken offline because it's reached its print or TXT limit, or is past its expiry date. But keep searching... hot new deals are being posted all the time!

What is the best way to use Vouchermate?

Vouchermate lets you get great deals in many ways:

  • Find something specific The main Vouchermate site.
  • Keep updated every day The RSS feed for Vouchermate, your area, category or company; it's linked from every voucher page
  • Weekly deals from your favourite categories Sign up for Vouchermail
  • When you're out and about Vmate mobile for mobile phones

I have a different question. What's the answer?

Please send any questions to and we'll have it answered for you by one of our friendly customer service representatives.